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One reason why the Creation story is repeated so often in the Temple.

We had Stake Conference this past weekend and President Hill, our Stake President, compared the Creation account to a pattern for the home. He used principles of separating light from darkness to teach separating good media from bad media; he taught how God organized the world and how we should plan to organize our lives. He had several analogies that fit very well.

Have you ever wondered why the Lord has us learn about the Creation over and over again when we attend the temple? And why the Creation is found in great detail in so many scriptures? 

Well, it’s no wonder that Ammon and so many other book of Mormon prophets, when they were teaching the gospel to others, “began at the creation of the world, and also the creation of Adam, and told him all the things concerning the fall of man, and rehearsed and laid before him the records and the holy scriptures of the people, which had been spoken by the prophets…” (Alma 18:36).  There are so many lessons and parallels that can bring us closer to God from the Creation account. 

In addition to using the Creation account to teach principles of organizing a home, here are a few other parallels that you might enjoy:

GenesisPlan of Salvation
Light from DarknessValiant from Not Valiant
Waters DividedSatan Cast Out
 Dry land & vegetationEarth: Mortal Probation
Sun, Moon, StarsDegrees of Glory
 Animals and ManExaltation

Light from DarknessDarkness (9th plague)
Waters DividedWater to blood (1st plague)
 Dry land & vegetationVegetation Destroyed (7th and 8thPlagues)
Sun. Moon, StarsDarkness (9th plague)
 Birds and fishDeath of Fish; Formation of Frogs (1stand 2nd Plagues)
 Land AnimalsInsects, death of beasts, boils, death of the Firstborn

Light from DarknessPillar of Fire/Cloud of Darkness
Waters DividedRed Sea Parted
 Dry land & vegetationCross on Dry Land
Sun, Moon, StarsJudgment upon Pharos’s army
 AnimalsManna + Quail

GenesisThe Tabernacle
Light from DarknessSacrificial Fire
Waters DividedLaver of Water
 Dry land & vegetationInner Court
Sun, Moon, StarsShewbread, Candle, Prayer
 Birds and fishVeil with Cherubim
Man FormedHoly of Holies

GenesisBook of Revelation
 Heavens and earth created (1:1)New heavens and earth (21:1)
 Sun created (1:16)No need of the sun (21:23)
  The night established (1:5)No night there (21:25; 22:5)
 The seas created (1:10)No more seas (21:1)
  The curse announced (3:14-17)No more curse (22:3)
 Death enters history (3:19)No more death (21:4)
 Man driven from the tree (3:24)Man restored to paradise (21:2)
 Sorrow and pain begin (3:17)No more mourn/cry/pain (21:4)

With this principle in your mind, in your studies this week see if you find any parallels to the creation, post them below. We’d love see more!

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